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26 Ağustos 2010 Perşembe

Changing lane

Driver candidates most difficult is being one of the flowing traffic lane değiştirme.Akan traffic lane changing certain rules are the kurallkara uydıuğumuz process smoothly flowing traffic easily tape Edit this know, but to do it, especially the driver of the prospective rear view mirror control the habits must if a driver candidate rearview If there is a habit, such as a mirror to change lanes yapamaz.Şerit to change;

Traffic flowing from the rear view mirror of your inner 1.İlk first check.

Give 2.Sinyalinizi

3.Sonra outer left rear view mirror, see your tool as you seem to follow that

When you look in the mirror 4.Sol back safely from your car you can see both headlights of your distance if there is enough to change lanes.

5.Şerit started to change when you need to patch in a series of slow movements, otherwise if you have traffic will endanger

Always check your rearview aynanızıdan changing 6.Şerit be back again, do not neglect


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